4 Worst Type of Passenger You Don’t Have to Face on a Private Jet

Flying on a private jet, such as the ones offered by FlyFlightPath, comes with a whole range of benefits, from VIP luxury, fastest travel speed and no waiting lines. But one of the things that is not as much appreciated is the freedom and privacy one gets on a private jet, and that means avoiding unwanted and annoying company.

But let’s face it, we have all been there. Sitting next to someone who ruins the whole trip for you, and can make you regret ever flying on a commercial plane. To be fair, not everyone is the same, and might not have the same understanding as others.

Though they may not intend or pose any actual harm, they can be held responsible for a terrible experience or story to share. Flying on a private jet allows you to avoid such situations, and with 8 million people flying on a daily basis, there are bound to be some out there. We share the top 4 worst type of people you can encounter on a plane.

Private Jet

The Chit-chatter

A recent survey shows that compared to output while working at the office, business travellers find themselves to be 20% more productive when flying on a company plane and 40% less productive when flying on commercial ones. The main reason behind this are external distractions, and the chit-chatter is one of the most common ones you might find. They can be spotted even before they make it to the seat. They are the ones who are constantly blocking the aisle talking with the attendants for luggage space, or how their last flight was better, or start a random story about “that one thing that happened.” You get what we mean.

The One With No Regard

According to a TripAdvisor survey, 41% people want nothing more than some extra legroom. But with competition and demand, legrooms are getting smaller by the day, and it does not help at all when someone tries to invade even in that small portion. There are some out there who do not hesitate to take over the armrest, or even shove seat backwards to invade your legroom space. It is times like this that you will start to wish for the luxury and comfort of a private jet, with beds to sleep on, and even jacuzzis if needed.

The Investigator

Similar to the chit-chatters, these species of travellers are more interested on you and your story rather than their own. Get ready for a session of interview as they try their best to know every detail about who you are, where you’re going, what you’ll be doing there, how long you’ll be staying, and more.

The New Parent

Don’t get us wrong, babies are adorable. But a few hour in a flight stuck with a constantly screaming one can definitely change your mind for a while. This one may be a bit cliche, but no one enjoys a crying baby on a plane. Unless of course it’s your kid.

People fly every day. Flying private is the way to go to avoid these kinds of people from disrupting the work, or rest, you plan on getting in while in flight.