Garage Door Repair NJ – Fixes For The Most Common Problems

garage door repair nj bergen county

When the door of your garage suddenly decides to malfunction, the result could be very inconvenient. Many people would be tempted to immediately call for professional help.  For garage door repair NJ residents are most likely to call the people who sold and installed them their units.  For garage door repair NJ Bergen County has quite a few companies with experienced technicians working for them.  If you really need professional help, organizations like the Window and Door Manufacturer’s Association may be able to help.

But before calling for professional assistance, homeowners should check for five common causes of malfunctions.  Some of these a homeowner may do themselves, and even if they cannot repair their garage doors by themselves, at least they will know what help to ask for.  Here they are:

  1.  If the remote control fails to open or close the door, you need to check the remote’s batteries.  There may not be any batteries loaded or the ones installed are dead.  If so, simply replace the batteries.  If the remote still does not work, see if the garage door opener is connected to power and the switch is in the on position.  If even that fails you can try operating the garage door using the wall mounted controls (if there is one); also check for broken cables and springs or dirt on tracks.  These should fix the problem but if it does not, then it is time to call in NJ garage door repair technicians.
  2.  If the garage door gets stuck in the open or closed position, you can begin by checking the remote, the batteries, the wall mounted controls and sensors.  If these are all good then you should clear blockages in the door tracks, and for lubricate the door’s moving parts.  If that is not enough to get the door unstuck, you can ask garage door repair technicians to troubleshoot and repair your door.
  3. If opening and closing the garage door produces a lot of noise, the most probable cause is dirt and debris along the tracks, bent tracks, or lack of lubrication.  You do not need qualified garage door repair technicians just to oil your unit, or clear debris on door tracks.  But if the track is bent or damaged, only qualified garage door repairmen should undertake the repairs.
  4. If the door shudders and moves side to side as it opens and closes, try clearing the tracks of any obstructions.  However, if you find that defective springs or the garage door opener motor is causing the problem, you need to ask experienced garage door repairmen to fix it for you.
  5. If the garage door closes too quickly whenever it is lowered, there is a danger of injury to people as well as the impact causing structural damage to the door.  The most likely causes are loose springs, defective motor, or broken cables.  Do not attempt to repair these types of problems yourself.  Call for professional help.

If the required fix only involves of clearing up tracks, oiling parts, or changing batteries, you would save a lot of money by doing it yourself.  More complex fixes require the attention of well-experienced and trained garage door technicians.