Mindshark can repair your damaged online image

The reason why companies go online, is to get their good side noticed and earn them more business in the long run. A lot of companies have had success doing just this, but there are countless others that have fallen victim of bad publicity online, at the expense of their image and even clients pulling off and terminating service contracts. This is a possible event no matter the business’ clean bill of ethics both online and in the physical world. The internet, while it’s most spoken of power is to bring business to those on it, can damage a business’ reputation and even bring it to closing down permanently. A lot of companies have seen the bad side of the internet, luckily Mindshark has damage control procedures to reverse and recover the ground gained in the right direction of development.
Mindshark Reputation Repair

Why would a business be targeted for bad marketing?

There are a lot of reasons why a company’s online image can be targeted and dragged through the internet mud, as it were, some of them include;

  • Disgruntled past employees,
  • Competition painting a bad picture of your services,
  • Traffic generating bad mouthing websites (scammers),

While disgruntled employees could go to all websites that people read about company reputations and label you as the worst company to deal with, their efforts can be countered using methods perfected by Mindshark. To explain the methods in easy light, imagine trying to clean a dirty water filled glass of the mud by adding clean water – eventually all the water becomes clear. When an employee your company let go (or even your competition) wishes your company to fail, through bad articles posting, more rapid posting of good word will eventually replace the results that appear on search engines and even get your company a fresh better image.

Should you wish to pursue the matter legally, Mindshark has specialist Lawyers ready to get your company the redemption it needs on call. You can chase the case until you get paid damages for the bad publicity.

When scam labels relying websites get your company blacklisted, you could also follow professional advice from Mindshark to wither just get the filth scraped from their site and eventually the internet forever, or you can chase the writer to get closure. The reputation healing service has been useful for many companies that had found themselves wrongfully bad labeled on sites like yelp, that allow their users to post almost anything they wish without proper curation and verification of the content being submitted to the public.

Unlike Mindshark, a lot of listing companies would make money regardless of the angle of marketing adopted by the post’s authors. They are okay as long as more people visit their website even because of the bad posts about innocent companies.

Like many of our clients who are benefiting from our image watch and upkeep services, any company that falls victim to this cyber bullying cousin of behaviour can approach Mindshark and get their image uplifted and protected.