Mississauga Plumbers –On The Benefits Of Trenchless Pipe Repair

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A significant portion of the work Mississauga plumbers are asked to do involve sewer drains. Installing and replacing sewer pipes can be a very messy affair. All sewer pipes being underground, there are always trenches to dig during initial installation. Laying sewer drains involved more than just Mississauga plumbers – there are trench diggers, public works department workers, and even traffic control if the line extended out to the street. But for repairing or replacing existing sewer lines, there are now a couple of technologies which involve much less mess; it is known in the industry as trenchless sewer repair technology.

There are two distinct types of trenchless technology currently used on sewer pipes. One is a repair method and the other a pipe replacement method. Each one bypasses the part where you have to dig out the old pipe to lay a new one. In many cases homeowners ask plumbers in Mississauga to use trenchless technology to save on the cost of ripping up lawns, driveways, tiled floors, etc.

The trenchless sewer pipe repair method offered by plumbers in Mississauga is known by the name cured in place pipe lining or simply CIPP. This method uses an epoxy pipe liner and epoxy resins to repair existing pipe. The plumber first uses an inspection camera to determine if the existing pipe has enough strength (pipe wall thickness) to be repaired.

If the sewer drain is still strong enough, it is cleaned using grit blasting or high pressure water jet cleaning. After cleaning it is blown dry using oil-free compressed air. Another round of inspection using miniature cameras is done, both to ensure the pipe is not too deteriorated as well as to ensure proper cleaning and drying. Mississauga plumbers then install the epoxy lining, followed by the injection of epoxy resin binders. Then compressed air is again used to blow up the liner so it sticks to the internal walls of the pipe, and left to cure. The cured epoxy liner has no more joints, is smoother and does not corrode. It is estimated to last no less than 50 years in service.

If the sewer pipe is not strong enough for cured in place pipe epoxy liner to be effective, replacement using a process Mississauga plumbers call pipe bursting may be attempted. Pipe bursting uses a cone shaped head pulled by powerful hydraulics to crush the existing pipe. The replacement HDPE pipe is pulled right behind the cone shaped head, thus only two holes at either end of the pipe need to be dug for access.

Pipe bursting has its limitations. The sewer pipe to be replaced should be in good enough condition to allow the wire lead to pass from one end to the other, and the pipe should not have tight bends – better if it is straight.

Though some members of professional organizations such as the Plumber’s Residential Council Ontario advocate the use of trenchless pipe rehabilitation and replacement, it still does not meet local codes in some areas. But if you want to save time, money, and a lot of mess, you can always inquire from your friendly plumber in Mississauga.